A2200 Multi-materials 3D Printer


Light up your traditional 3D prints! Rapidly prototype and print electronics with the A2200 3D multi-materials printer.

  • Versatile, reliable, and user-friendly 

  • Desktop-sized

  • Proprietary materials dispensing system to handle functional inks and pastes

  • Features a side-by-side precision filament extruder and enhanced materials dispensing system that prints Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) materials (ABS, PLA, etc.) next to functional inks and pastes (Au, Ag, Cu etc.).

D4200S - Nanoscale Capable 3D Printing

Prototype, research, and manufacture on-demand with this high resolution 3D printer. 3D print at micro and nanoscale levels with versatility, ease, and precision. 

  • Desktop-sized

  • High-precision, ultra reliable positive displacement print head is capable of precisely metering functional inks with viscosities ranging from 1mPa·s to 54000 mPa·s

  • Sample stage can be customized up to 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm with an XYZ travel precision of < 3 nm

  • Microdeposition mode dispenses functional materials with feature sizes from 5 µm to 400 µm

  • Nanodeposition mode prints feature sizes from 20 nm to 250 µm

Accessories & Consumables

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