D4200S Series

The first commercially available, high precision, technology-based 3D printing and deposition system using advanced methodologies for three-dimensional (3D) printing with nanometer precision. Thanks to our top printers, the future of 3D printing is here!


3DNano Stage  The 3DNano stage has excellent thermal and mechanical stability required for high resolution printing and printed electronics.  Additionally, its open design facilitates user modification.


Rigid Frame Design  The crossed beam design for the stage support is extremely rigid so the printer is less susceptible to external vibrations.



Light Lever Force Sensor Pen Tips  Light lever force sensor pen tips are used.  They ensure constant flow of deposition materials and permit many types of inks.



Integrated Pen Tip Holder/Pen Tip Exchanger  A unique pen tip and deposition mechanism allow quick and easy pen exchange.



Direct Drive Z Stage  A linear motion stage is used to move the pen tip in a perpendicular motion to the stage.  


Small Footprint  The stage dimensions of 7.5 X 12" require little space and fit easily on a tabletop.  


Precision XY Stage with Micrometer  The stage is moved relative to the probe with a precision xy micrometer stage. Thus, the sample can be moved without touching it.  

Precision XYZ Piezo Scanner  The modified tripod design utilizes temperature compensated strain gauges which assure accurate depositions for printed electronics.


Nano3Dprint D4200S is ideal for creating, prototyping, bioprinting, researching, etc. It is the ideal tool for engineers, scientists, researchers, inventors, etc. If you can think of it, then Nano3Dprint can do it. The D4200S is designed for high precision 3D printing, with layer resolutions of 20µm and below capabilities.


For a list of possible applications and materials, navigate to the applications web page.

Sample Size:

Up to 5cm x 5cm x 5cm


Standard Mode:

Micro Deposition, Nano Deposition, Topographical Analysis


Video Optical Microscope:

Zoom to 400x, 2 µm resolution


Stage and Control Box Size:

Compact Table-Top Design


50 Micron XYZ Scanner


Modified Tripod

xy Linearity

< 1%

xy Range

> 50 µm

xy Resolution

< 3 nm closed loop, < 1 nm open loop

xy Actuator type


xy Sensor type

Strain Gauge

z Range

> 16 µm

z Linearity

< 5%

Z Motion


Direct Drive


25 mm

Drive Type

Stepper Motor

Min. Step Size

330 nm

Slew Rate

8 mm/minute