The Nano3Dprint D4200S -

The Nano3Dprint Nanoscale Material Dispensing System (NMDS) is designed to provide for the dispensing of multiple materials at precise sub-picoliter volumes and with Angstrom level spatial resolution. The system combines the precision accuracy of piezo ceramic positioning system with the revolutionary development of a novel dispensing system. This combination opens up a new world of programmable 3D manufacturing at a scale unheard of before.

Nano3Dprint D4200S - Direct-Write Micro/Nano Material Deposition System

Single-Step Maskless Lithography - No Spin-On Coating Necessary!

The Micro-to-Nano production process enables new methodologies for production of functional micro to nano sized structures in three dimensions.  High-resolution piezo actuated structuring of 3D patterns in an almost unlimited range of materials.  Go beyond resists - the D4200S is not limited to photosensitive materials.

- No Light Source or Masks!

- ±1nm Precision

- 70-90% Cost Reduction